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Congratulations on putting yourself as a priority and making this investment to improve your health & lifestyle!

Throughout this program, you will receive education on the principles of health that everyone needs to have to regain a balance in life that works for them. Physical symptoms show up in our health when the body becomes unbalanced because our food and lifestyle choices are unhealthy. By going through this program, you will learn how to make better lifestyle choices and why it is important. As you apply what you learn, you see how much of a difference these choices can make overall for you and those around you. 

By the end of this program, you will feel empowered and supported in taking back control of your health & lifestyle!

The Program

This program is designed to do it at your own pace. While the topic of food has the biggest content, stress management, sleep, healthy movement, and environmental factors all play a role in achieving well-balanced health.

Feel free to skip about within the program, but keep in mind that you can't achieve a good measure of energy and wellness by trying to get a good night's sleep and exercising regularly if you continue to eat poorly. Good nutrition will contribute to a better night's sleep and improve your ability to exercise effectively. The same can be said with eating well but choosing to ignore stress management, good sleep, and environmental factors.

You will find my downloadable workbook in this Introduction section under Workbook and Other Tools. I suggest downloading it and printing it out. I made this workbook in black and white (except the front and back covers) so that you wouldn't have to think about using up all the color in your printer. Ha-ha! You may also want to print it double-sided to save paper. This workbook will help you decide where your biggest areas of focus will be and help you track and evaluate your progress. For each module, you will also find a downloadable audio recording of the module so that you can listen to it during your daily commute or when you are in a position where reading may be difficult. To me, this is an important feature of this program because my son has dyslexia and struggles with even wanting to read. My goal is to make this easy for everyone, despite their struggles. You will also find many other tools besides the workbook. Feel free to download and print out the ones you feel will work better for you.

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