About This Course

Do you struggle with feelings of being overwhelmed? Perhaps you are struggling with the mounting levels of stress in your life or maybe you just want to learn how to manage stress better for the times when life gets hectic.
Are you someone who is dealing with anxiety beyond stressfull situations? Maybe you are dealing with tragedies from the past and find that the past memories and struggles impact your day to day life.

This program will take you through lifestyle factors and give you tools that can improve your well-being and ability to deal with stress better now and into the future.

In this program you get:

  • 18 modules of learning
  • Audio downloads of each module to learn while you commute
  • Tools to use on a daily basis including I Just Want to Function! Workbook
  • Resources for additional professional help and the strategies that work.
  • DIY: Go at your own pace, come back to this program again and again as needed. Skip throughout the program for your specific needs.
  • Actions steps for each module.

Stress Management

Learn about the stress response, anxiety, and past trauma. Discover many tools for learning to manage stress as well as therapeutic modalities to seek out when challenges are beyond the typical stresses of day to day life

Tools For Your Journey

Various tools for download to help you on your journey including the I Just Want to Function Workbook pdf. All in one place.


Here you will find the resources from each section all in one place as well as extra links and reading material for your extended journey.

Example Curriculum

Choose a Pricing Option

Pay in full or choose to pay in increments. Whatever works best for you.

Please do not purchase this program if you already have my course A Healthy Lifestyle Made Simple. (All of this information is in that course.)